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music for throats, fingers & oscillators


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Ghosts of Altamira performed by Joanna Kurkowicz
with Chris Arrell, live electronics/video

Game Theory performed by Stuart Gerber
with Chris Arrell, generative video

Three's A Crowd! performed by Ellie Parker
with Chris Arrell, live electronics

video 65: dextro[dot]org (video) - Chris Arrell (audio)
commissioned by the Alte Schmiede

Of Three Minds performed by Tony Arnold and Jacob Greenberg
(Chris Arrell, live processing)


First Prize: Lee and Ettelson Composer’s Award (Composers, Inc.)

Altamira 1b performed by
Carlos Cordeiro with Chris Arrell (live electronics)

Altamira Evocations

Diptych performed by Amy Williams and Jacob Greenberg